I am senior reporter with a leading English daily in the Sultanate of Oman. I am an enthusiastic, focused, organised reporter.
Even though I was a desk person till May 2012, I had a passion to do stories and have done a few for Indian Express and Oman Tribune and more than 200 for Times of Oman on a wide range of issues, of which some 55 were published on the front page.
During the February 2011 uprising in Oman, I was the one and only reporter to file stories from the action scene risking my life and career. But as my Editor and the establishment were ready to protect me, I was able to do a number of good protest stories of which many were picked by international news agencies. I was even quoted by some American and European magazines. My stories on protests in Oman are archived by BBC and my name is mentioned in Wikipedia also.
I have done stories many stories on various topics including defence deal, Oman Arab Spring, the ongoing unrest, arrests of poets, piracy along the coastline of Oman, rights issues, labour issues in addition to the usual crime and city reporting.
My story ‘HSBC-OIB merger halted’ was an exclusive one in the Sultanate. After, the story was published even the share prices of OIB fell next day. This particular story was picked by Reuters, AP and AFP.
Story of Oman’s purchase of special maritime patrol aircraft from EADS was published in Times front page, which was an exclusive one. (Usually defence deals are not published in Oman. It was for the first time a newspaper carrying a defence story on front page.)
I broke the story of vessel hijack by pirates from Salalah port, which was exclusive for our newspaper, did the story of the US Navy chopper crash, which had more details than other agencies had, did the story on cabinet reshuffle after the uprising in 2011, which was again a front page story.

Social life
I am an active member of Migrants Forum in Asia (MFA), a regional network of non-government organizations (NGOs), associations and trade unions of migrant workers, and individual advocates in Asia who are committed to protect and promote the rights and welfare of migrant workers. In July 2013, I have attended UN’s 2nd High Level meeting in Jordan to discuss Migrant Issues.
In 2012 November, I was a delegate at the Fifth World Social Forum on Migrations in Manila. I was one of the three invitees from Oman. I have also attended a Diplomacy Training Programme successfully organised by Migrant Forum Asia in Qatar in 2012, which equipped social workers, reporters and human rights officials to advocate migrant right issues in a better way. The training programme was hosted by Qatar National Human Rights Council and led by Australian New South Wales University Law department. I have also presented two papers on issues faced by migrants in Oman at a conference organised by Migrant Forum Asia in India. I have also presented a paper at conference in Muscat organised by Migrant Forum Asia in association with the Indian Embassy in Muscat.


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